Did you know? The eating quality of your beef is impacted by things like the animal’s genetics, breed, age and what it is fed. This is the reason why It’s Your Beef cut from Canada AAA products are traceable back to their beef of origin and farm families. It’s Your Beef cut from Canada AAA products are sourced through Ontario Corn Fed Beef in Ontario, or through Western Beef in all western provinces.


Nearly 76% of Canadians feel it is important to know where their beef comes from, and over 80% say it is important that their beef is fully traceable back to a Canadian farm.*
**FluidSurveys Research Spring 2014

Why does Real Canadian Superstore use DNA TraceBack®?

They know their consumers care about where their food comes from and how it’s produced. That’s why Real Canadian Superstore locations are using the scientific process of DNA TraceBack to trace cuts of It’s Your Beef cut from Canada AAA all the way from the store shelf to the regional Ontario family farms and Western family farms.

DNA TraceBack allows Real Canadian Superstore locations to assure beef quality by monitoring data derived from this DNA identification process. With access to data that verifies the animal’s breed, age and even genetic make-up, they can be certain only products meeting the rigid standards of the It’s Your Beef cut from Canada AAA program are sold under these labels.

Which means you get tender, juicy and flavorful beef products and a great eating experience for you and your family, time after time.

First in Class

Loblaw Companies Limited is the first Canadian grocer to assure beef quality with DNA TraceBack.